lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Board Game customizing

Hi folks!
I´m here to write a little of a new project that I have had been on my mind. A lot of us buy board games that include unpainted miniatures (WoW, Space Hulk, Doom, Descent,…) which will look more impressive if the min´s are painted and customized. Of course is very different to play a game with painted miniatures, this brings the game to real life.

1.       Cut or remove the base: In some games the base color is important so we will have to make a list of the min and color. When we have rebase the min in the new plastic/resin base we will paint the bottom or the   side of the base of the original color.
Here is where you change every min to be different with reposing and customizing.

2.       Glue the min on a new base, could be a regular plastic one with static grass or earth. I always prefer resin custom bases that increase the stability of the min and they are in my opinion the best way to customize the game.

3.       Finish the job: Check the color list, board upgrade may be.

Keep sculpting, drawing and painting!


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